Contestants 2018


3D Click
Maggie Wignall


Cellutech AB
Paula Martirez


Maria Eugenia, Martin-Hidalgo


Safia Qureshi


DUDE Packaging
Caroline Liljedahl


Allahshukur Yagub-Zada


Foodloopz Sweden
Elin Aronsen Beis


Food BIOPack
Dmytro Bidiuk


Gualiti AB
Pekka Gustafsson

HA-Innovation AB
Hans Hedlund


PacNova AB
Håkan Edqvist


Sensor Spot
Marc Staal


Sib Solutions
Lennart Bergström


Starke ECB AB
Staffan Sölve


Maisam Abbasi


Sulapac Ltd
Antti Valtonen


Survey Party AB
Hanway Tran; Kristian Axelsson


Thetis Pack ApS
Lars Møberg-Poulsen


David Gorgues

Contestants 2017

Dmitriy Norenko


DropBucket ApS
Heiða Gunnarsdóttir Nolsøe; Marie Stampe Berggreen


Esapac HB
Cenneth Lindkvist


Jonathan Burns


Gualiti AB
Pekka Gustafsson


ifoodbag AB
Robert Grenmark


Innoscentia AB
Robin Thiberg & Erik Lindberg


Koepala Packaging Ltd
Janne Asikainen


Magic Add Ltd
Ari Salonen

Marta Dell’Anna Design
Marta Dell’Anna

Solveiga Pakstaite


Moving Boxes
Ulrika Eklund


OKsave AB
Asko Päiviö


Packground AB 
Linus Jiremark


PacNova AB
Per Håkan Edqvist


Jonne Hellgren; Rolf Therman


Virpi Korhonen; Eero Seppälä; Johanna Hänninen


Survey Party AB
Hanway Tran; Kristian Axelsson


the edibles
Divya Mohan; Syahir Suhaimi


Remigijus Sedys

Vocobox AB
Axel Kalmaru; Johanna Åkeson; Hanna Bergström; Joel Wennström



Past Winners

Winner 2018 – Cellutech

Congratulations to Cellutech!

Jury’s motivation

Innovative solutions which addresses the recycling problems. It helps to create a circular flow . Big potential impact to the B2B market. And you can grow a tree on it!

Winner 2017 – Koepala Packaging ltd

Congratulations to Koepala Packaging ltd.

Jury’s motivation

A clever innovative solution that contributes to, and solves daily issues in a convenient way. The simplicity and sustainability of this innovative solution is probably more scalable than the inventors thought about.

Winner 2015 – Poppack

PopPack LLC of San Francisco was selected as the first place award winner for the “OpenUp Challenge – From Wrap Rage to Accessible Design.”

Jury’s motivation

PopPack’s packaging innovations apply to a growing market of tens of millions of packages opened daily for food, healthcare products, household goods, and consumer goods. Packages incorporating PopPack’s technologies are easy to open, simple to use, and safe for consumers of all ages. With a simple “pop” of a bubble in the seal, the package opens while saving food and reducing both product and packaging waste.


Winner 2014 – Innoscentia

The winner of this challenge was Martin Olsson from Innoscentia who developed a solution with sensory labels. It is a solution that can measure the consumption status of a package by a sensor that can detect food-borne bacteria in a bulk detection. Sensory information measured by a sensory label inside a container that communicates with another electronic label on the exterior of the package by the RFID technology which makes it possible to visually display the information on the outside. According to the idea is the electronic label on the outside designed as a digital sell-by-date with a digital counter for the remaining number of days that the food in the package is edible. By monitoring the status of the food in the package with the sensory label to update the visual information outside the real-time tag-to-tag communications.


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