Past winners

Past winners

Winner 2014 – Innoscentia

The winner of this challenge was Martin Olsson from Innoscentia who developed a solution with sensory labels. It is a solution that can measure the consumption status of a package by a sensor that can detect food-borne bacteria in a bulk detection. Sensory information measured by a sensory label inside a container that communicates with another electronic label on the exterior of the package by the RFID technology which makes it possible to visually display the information on the outside. According to the idea is the electronic label on the outside designed as a digital sell-by-date with a digital counter for the remaining number of days that the food in the package is edible. By monitoring the status of the food in the package with the sensory label to update the visual information outside the real-time tag-to-tag communications.


Winner 2015 – Poppack

Packbridge today announced that PopPack LLC of San Francisco has been selected as the first place award winner for the “OpenUp Challenge – From Wrap Rage to Accessible Design.”

PopPack’s packaging innovations apply to a growing market of tens of millions of packages opened daily for food, healthcare products, household goods, and consumer goods. Packages incorporating PopPack’s technologies are easy to open, simple to use, and safe for consumers of all ages. With a simple “pop” of a bubble in the seal, the package opens while saving food and reducing both product and packaging waste.