Jury 2019

Kajsa Dahlin

Group Innovation Manager

AR Packaging


AR Packaging is always aiming to challenge the existing and explore new opportunities. Entrepreneurial thinking is in our DNA since our company origin (Åkerlund & Rausing) and we want to nurture creativity in many different ways. New-comers help us all who are part of the packaging value chain to question the traditional and explore alternatives. We want to support initiatives which advance packaging innovation and encourage more people to share our passion for sustainable packaging solutions.

Gustav Ahlblad

Product Development Manager

The Absolut Company


The Absolut Company is strongly driven by entrepreneurship and creativity and we are always in search for innovative and sustainable solutions. Being a part of the jury is a way to support startup companies and entrepreneurs, as well as to benefit from Packbridge´s strong network and position in the packaging industry.

Annelie Moldin

Scientific project manager, R&D



Lantmännen it always looking for cooperation’s with other companies, start ups and academia. Packaging is a very interesting area and to be part of this jury will give us an opportunity to meet start ups and be a part of the future development of packaging.

Allan Dickner

Packaging Development Manager

IKEA of Sweden


It’s about supporting new ways of thinking, which will be essential for the whole packaging industry. I’m always keen on new innovations and personally, I have a number of patents in my bag. With my own experiences in this field, I think I can contribute, at least a bit of positive energy.

Johan Mårtensson

Business Development & Innovation Manager

Duni AB


We at Duni believe it is important to be active in different networks and support start up communities. Here we can provide our market knowledge, share real needs and our network. By doing this we believe the potential for innovation will go so much faster than if we would do everything ourselves. We can get back a lot and at the same time also help others succeed.

Christoffer Windal

Business Development Manager – Cartonboard Nordics



Our mission at BillerudKorsnäs is to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future and I hope to see start-ups who share this mindset. Cooperation is the basis of innovation and creativity and that’s a strong reason for us to support this initiative.

Therese Arvidsjö

Sustainability Manager Foods

Paulig Foods


Packaging development is always high on Paulig Foods agenda, not least considering our environmental commitment. Therefore, it is self-evident for us to support initiatives that reward innovative and innovative solutions in packaging.

Anders Källman

Managing Director



Multivac sees innovations as a clear necessity for developing new ideas, which makes it possible for the packaging industry to adapt to changes and new demands. Being a part of the jury is important to the Multivac Group, as part of the whole packaging value chain, and in that way being able to bring forward innovations. Minimizing the environmental impact as well as the food waste and optimizing the shelf
lifetime is core to us at Multivac.

Anna Vilén

Communications Strategist



As a recycling company we deal with the problems that arise when the industry hasn’t thought enough about sustainability matters. Working upstream and being part of Packbridge means that we can be part of the solution.

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