Jury motivation

Innovative solutions which addresses the recycling problems. It helps to create a circular flow . Big potential impact to the B2B market. And you can grow a tree on it!  



The competition is open for entrepreneurial companies or startups from all industries, regardless of their legal form, activity or phase. The company must be entrepreneurially led and have a unique technology / business idea that can be applied in the packaging value chain.

The purpose is to establish better connections and collaborations between the packaging value chain and startup communities.


Criteria for participation

The competition is open to companies from all industries, regardless of their legal form, activity or phase. The company must be entrepreneurially led and have a unique technology / business idea and be able to be applied in the packaging value chain.

We are looking for startups and interesting entrepreneurial/ innovative companies. The competition is directed towards companies with a unique business concept or innovation. Material, packaging, product design for the circular economy, logistics solutions for any industry of the entire packaging value chain are eligible for competition. Moreover, the other solutions such as smart labels; smart electronics; food safety; IoF and IoP; E-commerce; waste and recycling; new apps etc. are very interesting and eligible for the competition too.

Please, observe that we are looking for innovations throughout the entire packaging value chain: raw material producers, machinery, converters, brand owners, retail, etc ending up with recycling.



1st selection

April 29th

Companies are selected to present at Packbridge Startup Day.


May 23rd

Selected companies are presenting at Packbridge Startup Day.

2nd selection


10 finalist are selected for the final round at Top Packaging Summit where the winner is selected.

Packbridge Startup Day


Meet the startups that might change the packaging industry

On May 23, 2019, selected companies will pitch their ideas and solutions for a jury consisting of investors and experts from the whole packaging value chain.

Jury 2019

Gustav Ahlblad

Product Development Manager – The Absolut Company

The Absolut Company is strongly driven by entrepreneurship and creativity and we are always in search for innovative and sustainable solutions. Being a part of the jury is a way to support startup companies and entrepreneurs, as well as to benefit from Packbridge´s strong network and position in the packaging industry.

Annelie Moldin

Scientific project manager, R&D – Lantmännen

Lantmännen it always looking for cooperation’s with other companies, start ups and academia. Packaging is a very interesting area and to be part of this jury will give us an opportunity to meet start ups and be a part of the future development of packaging.

Last year’s edition of the competition

Contestants 2018

3D Click
Maggie Wignall


Cellutech AB
Paula Martirez


Maria Eugenia, Martin-Hidalgo


Safia Qureshi


DUDE Packaging
Caroline Liljedahl


Allahshukur Yagub-Zada


Foodloopz Sweden
Elin Aronsen Beis


Food BIOPack
Dmytro Bidiuk


Gualiti AB
Pekka Gustafsson

HA-Innovation AB
Hans Hedlund


PacNova AB
Håkan Edqvist


Sensor Spot
Marc Staal


Sib Solutions
Lennart Bergström


Starke ECB AB
Staffan Sölve


Maisam Abbasi


Sulapac Ltd
Antti Valtonen


Survey Party AB
Hanway Tran; Kristian Axelsson


Thetis Pack ApS
Lars Møberg-Poulsen


David Gorgues